Volunteer Awards

Volunteers are the backbone of this organisation and one of the main reasons for its continued growth and success. Awards recognise the generous contribution of volunteers who have contributed to the Festival for 5 years or more, with further recognition after 10 years. The awards are announced at Closing Night and recipients are officially recognised at the volunteer thank you party. 

The spirit of the awards is embodied in the Festival's longest serving volunteer Claire "Jacko" Jackson. Claire has inspired so many of us involved with MQFF with her selflessness, passion and dedication to the Festival, a willingness to do the hard work, enthusiastic leadership and an overriding sense of fun. Claire represents all we look for in our volunteers. In honour of Claire Jackson the volunteer recognition awards are fondly known as “The Jacko”.

Jacko Recipients are enshrined on the official Honour Board below. 


10 Years of Volunteering

Leo Heimburger

Roberta Armitage

Carol Christensen

Karen McVean

Michael McAlpine

Jason Ngam

Damian Fung

Alan Drummond

Jeremy Schluter

Lillian Lee


5 Years Of Volunteering


Heath Brice, Liesha Northover, Zeke Farrell, Gin Masters


Edith Goldstein, Steph Lai, Kiri Sullivan, Stef Tipping, Alex Wright, Geoff York


Danielle Madeley


Rod Ellt, Philip Irving


Cheang Be, Lorraine Harrison, Lilian Lee, Dan Sybaczyskyj


Ian Carlsson, Ro Madden, Michael McAlpine, Jeremy Schluter and Liz Shield


Alan Drummond, Damian Fung, Tarun Singh, Andrew Lew, Chad Lee, Johnathon McLay, Serena Chow, Tony Harding, Kris Darmody, Suzy Green and Scott Young


Ayan Dasvarma, Karen McVean, Damien Rundell, Feigy Grosman, Kim Montgomery, Mel Nelson, Willow Blackwood, Hannah Reid, Geoff Williams, Beth Gibbins, Paul Trigg, Warwick Dew, Lachlan Mulchahy, Paul Andrew, Leo Heimburger, Roberta Armitage, Carol Christensen and Jason Ngam